Production and delivery of standard pallets, atypical pallets, EPAL pallets, production of wooden packaging according to the customer's wishes, production of crates and support frames, pallets repairs, sale of used pallets, IPPC heat treatment, drying pallets etc. 

Company history:

  • 1991 – Establishment of OBALFRUKT, dřevařská výroba spol. s r.o. as a family company
Progressive growth in the production and delivery of pallets, lumber and wooden packaging ....
  • 1993 – Construction of a sawing facility at our Blatnice site, our own lumber production
  • 2002- Purchase of 65 hectares of forest land
Progressive growth in production, modernization of technologies, growth in the number of employees, ....
  • 2007 – Purchase of new technology – automatic nailing line, drying kiln, loader, etc.
  • 2009 – Second complete operations at the sawmill facility in Moravské Budějovice
  • 2013 – 1 May 2013 – Commencement of sawing at the sawmill in Grešlové Mýto
  • 2014 – All production moved to the sawmill facility in Grešlové Mýto
  • 2015 – Modernization of nailing tables with pallet stacking
  • 2016 – Purchase of flexible nailing machine for pallet components
  • 2018 – Modernization of sawing equipment, increase in sawing capacity, construction of a new processing and production building, expanding our own logging capacity by purchasing 42 hectares of forest land

The company strategy has been, since the very start, to provide complete high-quality production of wooden packaging, including logging, sawing logs, sawing middle lumber and trimming side lumber, shortening, pallet assembly, IPPC heat treatment, drying pallets, and transporting pallets to the customer. We are able to execute all of the processes ourselves, through high-quality, well-trained employees, thanks to which we control and maintain a high standard of quality in our pallets and services.