Pallets – our company focuses primarily on the production of atypical pallets, which we produce according to the wishes of the customer. 

On the basis of the required specification of the wooden packaging, we draw up a price offer, or, on the basis of the dimensions of the goods you need to transport and its weight, we propose the optimal structure of the pallet at minimum cost.

  • We produce wooden packaging primarily out of our own lumber.
  • We produce small production series with the use of forms and pneumatic nailing pistols.
  • We produce larger series of pallets on an automatic pallet line and on palleting tables.
In addition to atypical pallets, we also produce all types of standard pallets 80x60, 120x80, 120x100 etc.
According to the customer's wishes, we do the following to pallets:
  • heat treatment according to the IPPC standard
  • drying to the required moisture percentage
  • marking, e.g. load capacity, manufacturer's mark, etc.
  • stacking in the required quantity and manner, either into one another (interlocking), or on top of one another
  • deliver within the required deadline with our transport vehicles

EPAL Pallets
Because it is our long-term company strategy to promote quality, we have crossed over from producing EUR pallets to producing EPAL pallets, after having obtained an EPAL license. The impulse for such a step was the long-term distribution of counterfeit EUR pallets on our market, primarily from eastern countries, without inspection or liability, while not fulfilling the basic parameters.

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